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" This Oil Body Wash is too good! I have dry skin. I have tried almost every body wash that say 'moisturisation' but nothing works like this! This oil-turning-into-milky-foam has really helped nourish my skin. Best Shower Oil! "

" I am in love with the fragrance! Taking shower with this oil body wash is a luxurious experience for me. I have dry skin and my skin starts feeling so soft and hydrated just after one shower. Must try! "

" I have a combination skin type but I get dry patches on my legs and arms during changing weather. This shower oil is a very mild-foaming cleanser. My skin actually feels moisturised after the bath! "

Boho Botanist is...


All products are plant-derived i.e created from native botanical extracts sourced from around the world. There are no artificial colours, no added parabens, no sulfates, no silicones, no added phthalates.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We must admit we love our products, but we love you more - so we have just the right pH balance, we have never tested on animals and are vegan. Did we tell you we are PETA certified as well?

Hey Science, Meet Botanicals!

All products are dermatologically tested and are safe on sensitive skin while being suitable for all skin types - Dry, Oily, Combination, Normal, and Sensitive. Ideal for all genders.

Almond & Babassu

The Holy grail of Nourishment & Moisturization - Sweet Almond Oil & Babassu Oil from Brazil Biodiversity along with other potent botanicals deliver an intensely nourished, silky soft & supple skin. Indulge in the luxurious skin-loving collection.

Mandarin & Kakadu Plum

Luminous Radiant skin with high performing Kakadu Plum and Mandarin that helps renew the complexion, even-tones and moisturizes. Indulge in this luxurious radiance-boosting collection.

Bulgarian Rose & Peony

Irresistible soft smooth skin with the dreamy combination of Rose extract sourced from Bulgaria and Peony is like drifting into a sea of silkiness. Indulge in this luxurious skin-softening collection.

Green Tea & Cactus

The much needed hydration that you and your skin deserves, Green Tea & Cactus has it preserved. This essential blend of botanicals leaves your skin glowing, nourished and oh-so-hydrated.

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Is the summer heat taking a toll on your skin?

Is the summer heat taking a toll on your skin?

Dry skin is a type of skin and it lacks oil, making it feel flaky, irritated and even inflamed at times. While, dehydrated skin is a condition where the skin lacks water and hence feels parched, stretched like leather. Dehydration can occur for any skin type; even oily skin can be dehydrated! 
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