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Meet the Superhero

He's here to takeover the dry skin! Bye-Dry 👋

Why does this Oil Body Wash give a milky lather?

This shower oil when comes in contact with water turns into a milky foam. In comparison to other body washes, the lather is light and milky making it perfect for dry skin. This oil body wash is sulphate free, gentle even for sensitive skin.

What goes inside our Bestseller?

Almond Oil

Almond oil sourced from our motherland India has been known for ages for its miraculous effects on the skin. Almond Oil is a powerhouse of Moisturization. It helps in repairing the skin cells and nourishing the skin from within.

Babassu Oil

Sourced straight from the Brazillian biodiversity! Babassu oil helps in the restoration of the skin by giving it intense hydration. Experience the softest skin with the goodness of this botanical.

Are you listening?

Our customers are talking about the Best Seller! 🤩

" This Oil Body Wash is too good! I have dry skin. I have tried almost every body wash that say 'moisturisation' but nothing works like this! This oil-turning-into-milky-foam has really helped nourish my skin. Best Shower Oil! "

" I am in love with the fragrance! Taking shower with this oil body wash is a luxurious experience for me. I have dry skin and my skin starts feeling so soft and hydrated just after one shower. Must try! "

" This product is going to save you from dry skin and how! It's an oil which turns into milky foam in the shower. Cleanses like a pro, moisturises like a champ. I had super dry skin & after using it for over 3 months, it's gone. Go for it! "

" I really like this oil-to-foam wash. I have oily face skin but very combination skin on my body. After using this shower oil, my skin feels so soft, that I skip the lotion! I can actually see a healthy difference in my skin. "

" Unlike shower gels, this is a shower oil. So when you apply this with water, it gives a milky foam which is very gentle on the skin. Very very good for dry and sensitive skin types! "

" Superb product! It is an oil that turns into a soft foam when comes in contact with water. Leaves me with very soft skin. Perfect for dry skin!"

" It is an oil that cleanses! Isn't that unique enough? I'm amazed that how well it has been able to help me fight dry skin. Must have for people with dry skin! "

" I had not tried anything like this before. I was struggling with dry skin for a very long time. Using this for the last 3 months and my skin is not dry anymore! "

" For me, this is magic! This oil turns into a milky foam which not only cleanses but also moisturises. Have recommended to all friends & family, specially who have dry skin! "

" I have a combination skin type but during changing weather I get dry patches on my legs and arms. This shower oil is a very mild-foaming cleanser. My skin actually feels moisturised after the bath! "

Why Almond & Babassu Oil Body Wash is the new favourite in body-care

Why Almond & Babassu Oil Body Wash is the new favourite in body-care

Almond & Babassu oil body wash, which uses a one of a kind oil-to-milk formula. Apart from the deep hydration and nourishment it provides to your skin, it  feels good on your body. Believe us when we say that showering is not going to be the same again. Guess what, it is time to ditch that loofah!
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