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Why Almond & Babassu Oil Body Wash is the new favourite in body-care

Why Almond & Babassu Oil Body Wash is the new favourite in body-care

Almond & Babassu Oil Body Wash is a revolutionary product that simplifies elaborate body-care routines and gives your skin a natural shine & glow.

Shower will no more be basic! 

They say that great ideas germinate in the shower. Singers, most often, realise their potential in the shower. Yet for many, showering feels like an unavoidable ritual that they are forced to go through. Which is why you should try the Almond & Babassu oil body wash, which uses a one of a kind oil-to-milk formula. Apart from the deep hydration and nourishment it provides to your skin, it  feels good on your body. Believe us when we say that showering is not going to be the same again. Guess what, it is time to ditch that loofah!



Take two to three streams of Almond and Babassu oil for your whole body. Light foam, zero grease, no disappointment. Unlike other body washes that are based on gel, Boho Botanist Almond and Babassu oil oil-to-milk formula produces a milky lather, aka—sheer indulgence. Drop some oil on your damp body and rub it all over. There you go, you and your skin, shiny & electric. It’s just that simple. 

Dryness Out, Nourishment In 

There are only a handful of people whose skin remains so clean and pristine even after a long day’s commute. Well of course, the face gets all (read only) the attention because duh, selfies are a thing, but is it fair to your forearm and fingers and feet? Gee no. Which is why you need the Almond & Babassu oil body wash which is dermatologically tested and does an absolutely splendid job in maintaining the pH of your skin. Healthy skin is supposed to be slightly acidic in nature so that it keeps the moisture inside and bacteria out. When your skin is alkaline, it becomes dry and flaky. Almond & Babassu oil has 8 natural oils including the likes of argan, patchouli, sunflower and apricot, that soothes and moisturises even the most dry skin. In no time, you’ll be ready to rock the day.




Powered by Botanicals 

The dream to get that elusive glass glow, for many, has remained the stuff of dreams for long. Not to worry, Boho Botanist’ Almond & Babassu oil body wash has got them covered. The range of natural ingredients including the likes of Patchouli oil (sourced from an Indonesian herb), Spanish grape seed oil ( a great antioxidant that helps to prevent ageing), and Buriti oil (containing beta-carotene, Vitamin E and Vitamin C) apart from almond and babassu (great emollients), help in improving the overall health of your skin. This holds especially true for dry skin. Your skin will surely be rejuvenated, exuding an amazing glass glow after these botanicals work their true charm.


Glow Glow Smooth Smooth

Ever wondered why your skin looks bumpy, rugged, dry, flaky and wrinkled? Chances are that you are not taking adequate care of your skin, or, taking care of it the wrong way. It is one thing to be ignorant and another to be self-delusional. Well since there is no point crying over spilt milk, the best course of action is for you to understand the needs of your skin and provide exactly that. Or, start using Almond & Babassu oil, which is the same as doing the needful. Almond & Babassu oil ensures that your skin is cleansed, moisturized, hydrated, rejuvenated, smoothened and healed, all in one single application. Also, the buriti and argan oils present in the Almond & Babassu oil body wash regulates skin elasticity and purifies the skin. Bumpy skin will become smooth, wrinkles will be reduced and flaky skin removed. Now you know what you need to do.

No Nasties - Only Love <3

One of the prominent concerns of a customer, apart from the quality of the product, is how that quality is achieved. It is in this regard that Almond & Babassu oil truly shines. It does not contain any artificial colours, added parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates or mineral oils. Yes you heard it right, no nasties! And what’s more, it is absolutely vegan (no animals are harmed during its production, Peta certifed), it does not create any kind of skin irritation upon its application, or tamper with the natural pH balance of your skin. In short, you get an amazing deal— no nasties, only pure love. It is dermatologically tested & non comedogenic - tested even on the most sensitive skin.