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And ‘The Mountains Echoed’ - Boho Botanist

And ‘The Mountains Echoed’

Alas, you need a break, and the mountains echoed. You’ve decided that tis’ the season to be chilly and enjoy some time off surrounded by magnificence. The mountains are your friends and it’s time for a holiday where you can completely switch off. There’s a gorgeous cabin surrounded by beautiful hills and a bubbling stream flowing past your porch. Birds, flowers, sunshine, and fruits, this is a holiday in the garden of Eden. It’s time to treat yourself to a gorgeous vacation and restore your yin and yang for the new year.  

         This is a holistic holiday that revolves around you. The morning starts with an early morning yoga stretch or gentle walk as the sun rises. You’ve got to revive your energy as you steady yourself for 2022. Feel the release in your limbs and the twittering joy of early morning birds as a soft glow propels you into the morning.

         Awake and steady, you sit by the stream with a steaming cup of tea. Breakfast today is a hot bowl of oats with cut banana and strawberries. You pluck a nectarine from the tree that leans over the bench. The morning is alive with the sound of beauty.

         You decide to go for a long trek today, into the deep woods adjacent to the property. Hiking boots and wind sheeter in place you’re ready to go. But your hand is dry, and lips are chapping. It’s time to prep your body to help it feel the best it can for your adventure. Keep in mind a few mountain-air hacks before you set out!

  1. Hydrate your skin! It’s going to get a bit sticky midway into the journey and cream might just not be the perfect answer in this context. Take some Gloss Dry Oil and rub it over the exposed parts of your body. It’ll keep your skin hydrated, comfortable, and supple- ready to take on the wild.

  2. Trust me on the sunscreen! We can all say the benefits of sunscreen are imperceptible for daily use (not true btw), but in the mountains, sunburn is here to warn you. Lather on that sunscreen all over your face, ears, and exposed portions of your skin…thank me later.

  3. Carry some water! Dehydration is absolutely avoidable, and when you’re on a trek it’s a good idea to keep some H2O handy. Of course, you may come across a bubbling freshwater stream with cool water, but don’t count on it. At any point when your energy saps, a quick gulp of water will revive you instantly. Keep going soldier.

  4.  Lip balm your lips! No this is not essential, but if our Boho Girls want to feel perfectly comfortable on their trek it makes sense to tie up all loose ends. No chapped lips mean- well no chapped lips! Throw an SPF lip balm into your essentials kit.

  1. Food, Food, Food! Well, that’s not too convenient on a trek, but bung some trail mix into your pockets. Dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds are all great energy boosters. An energy bar and a fruit also go a long way if you can fit them in.

  2. Smell Neutral! It’s a good idea to avoid any floral or fruity perfumes, deodorants, and creams in the wild. The birds and the bees don’t need to sneeze! Bugs will wander and stick when you smell like sweet, honeyed nectar.

         Post your invigorating sojourn into the forest it’s time to unwind. Back at your base you lie down on a sunny bench by the stream. You eat some fruits, drink some coffee and let your gorgeous trek soak in. Your body feels worked out and warm in the best way possible. The sun beats down, and you realize it’s time for a quick bath before you loose steam. Jumping into a steaming hot shower you pump out a handful of your Almond and Babbasu Oil Body Wash. It smells like a tight hug on a cold-warm afternoon. Dissolving into your skin, it fills your tired senses with a nourishing burst of moisture. The heavenly and delicious aroma revives and warms you as your nerves come undone in that last moment of hot water.

         Relaxed and cozy you decide to warm yourself with a thick layer of moisture. Whipping out your Almond, Babassu and Avocado Fluffy Whipped Cream you take a dollop and massage it into your skin. Layering you with warm moisture as it soaks in, this will keep you hydrated and comfortable for the rest of your day. Feel deeper and calmer in your skin as the warm aroma wraps around your body. The morning has grounded you, even as it took you on a floating journey that rejuvenated your soul.

         Wrapped in comfortable clothes and a gorgeous warm orange-red shawl, you are scrubbed and glowing. Lunch is laid on a wooden table under a silver oak tree in a beautiful back garden. There’s a view of the mountains with a distant outline of snow peaks. Steaming hot daal, fragrant rice, paneer and more, gently cascades into your stomach. Laughing, talking and living in this moment you spend a beautiful afternoon.

         Content and sleepy you lie on a hammock in the sun with your latest book tucked in beside you. Reading, you slowly drift asleep. There’s a gentle breeze that rocks you awake. Wind chimes sing and birds’ squawk. There’s a whiff of orchids and then the warm comforting fragrance of almond and babbasu. There’s a chill that has begun to set in the air. The tea bells are ringing, and you head inside to the cozy parlor. A fire’s been lit and you enjoy your tea with some biscuits. The day’s waning and it’ll soon be time for a bonfire. Warm and content you look forward to an evening full of stories and music. You’re warm, comfortable, clean, and cozy, amidst magnificent mountains and glimmering stars. The glow of the moon draws near, and it will shimmer on your deep black hair. For a Boho Girl, this feeling is hardly rare.