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You are your body during the day, and how you feel will impact how easily your actions flow. To think is to act, and to feel good allows you to act efficiently. Boho Botanist has a clear mission- keep yourself happy and comfortable.

Body Care This Winter

It’s a cold winter morning and you have a meeting at 9:00 am. You’re running late and jump out of bed straight into a boiling hot shower- not the best move for dry skin, but it’s so cold! As steam envelops you, the velvety aroma of Boho Botanist’s Rose and Peony Body Wash gives you a warm kick to start the morning. In a rush you slather on some Rose, Peony and Rosehip Body Milk to add that extra milky layer.

It's an overcoat and red muffler- with a whole lot of coffee- kinda day. On the cold-crowded metro you tuck into yourself and can feel the aroma of the morning embrace you. Rosy and cozy you know this is a day you will conquer.

Once you’re set for the day you won’t have to worry about the itchiness and flakiness that distracts your afternoon. Our skin gets more dehydrated in the winter and Boho Botanist helps you nourish and moisturize your skin as it exudes gentle scents. With a beautiful and subtle aroma following you through the day, you radiate an aura of comfortable confidence.

You are your body during the day, and how you feel will impact how easily your actions flow. To think is to act, and to feel good allows you to act efficiently. Boho Botanist has a clear mission- keep yourself happy and comfortable.

Some tips to keep yourself and your skin healthy and feeling good on a cold day:

a) Drink a lot of water!

Just because you aren’t sweating doesn’t mean you don’t need some H2O! The cold dries us out and central heating is even worse! Water, water, water is so important to maintain your skin’s elasticity and keep it supple. Water will revive you, sometimes even better than that extra cup of coffee!

 b) Eat a lot of fruits!

No, I’m not being preachy. It’s seriously the best thing you can do for your mood, your skin, and your body! It revives you through the day and gives your skin a rosy healthy glow. This is so crucial to remember in the winter because when faced with it, hot and greasy food feels way more tempting than a fruit. But trust me once you get over the first piece of your orange, nothing feels better.

 c) Exercise!!

Yes, yet another reminder! This is literally the most relaxing and important part of your day (I say reminding myself!) Make your routine with a little bit of stretching or a walk, you don’t have to always hit the gym! Headspace into the right mind-space. Just remember the way a hot aromatic shower feels after a burning-chilly invigorating jog, and you’ve got your motivation ready. Boho Botanist is here to help!

 d) Pollution is unavoidable, but sunscreen is not!

Harmful rays penetrate through the deceptive layers of smog that mingle with mist on cold Delhi days. But you need to remember to splat on a bit of sunscreen on whatever part of your skin is exposed. We might not get burned without it, but when these rays hit, they damage your skin, leading to premature ageing. They can cause a leathery skin texture we want to avoid!

The day ends and you’re home. You’ve decided to stay in tonight or maybe some friends are coming over later. But one thing is for certain, you need a shower. Perhaps it’s just my Boho craze, but when the day washes off and your skin feels fresh again, there’s a certain irresistible, comfortable magic to the day. Not that we encourage wasting water, but the day’s been long.

Jumping into the bath you know your body is craving some extra pampering tonight. With your Mandarin and Kakadu Plum Body Wash you revive your skin with some glow this evening. For that extra scrubbed freshness, you use your latest acquisition, Boho Botanist’s Mandarin and Kakudu Plum Exfoliating Body Scrub. Smooth, nourished and shining you step out smelling like a citrussy botanical garden.

The next step should match your evening.

Is it a stay in and pamper night with some Netflix and a face mask? Maybe you decide to keep your body oiled and hydrated with some Gloss Dry Oil. Smooth, light, and flexible it’s a long night in with the best company- yourself. Switch on the music, crack open that bottle of wine and see where the night goes.

Perhaps the day’s been long, and you just want to relax with a steaming cup of tea and that amazing new book you haven’t had time to read yet. You take a dollop of Almond, Babassu and Avocado Fluffy Whipped Cream and apply a thick coat on your skin. Set for a beautiful evening on the couch you sink into the warmth of a well hydrated, warm, and comfortable body.

Alternatively, you need to revive yourself and reach that party your best friend hasn’t stopped talking about all week. Maybe it’s a few friends in or many outside, but you need energy to boost yourself this evening. You complete your citrusy wash and scrub routine with some Mandarin, Kakadu Plum and Rosemary Body Lotion. It’s time to feel fresh and Friday!

To be a free spirit is to feel like yourself in every moment -and be happy to exist and explore the world with a solid return home to the nourishing comfort of yourself. This winter don’t forget your body under layers of clothes. Embrace it with soft and nourishing love of a Boho Girl- born to be free, born to be herself. Get ready, get Christmassy, and get cozy as you shed 2021 for a fresh beginning!